The other day we received this email from Sue at Catholic Community Services in Tucson, Arizona (reproduced with permission). Can anyone top this?

Hello all!

It’s possible that we have set a record in the number of entries following a T-log “thread”…we have something like 63 posts re: a hospitalization of a client on 3/31/07 through his release yesterday and his follow up today….his progress, updates, changes, contacts, communications, discharge planning, med changes, etc….it’s all there in a chronological flow and i can’t tell you how easy this has been for us. I remember the days past when same such situations would occur and I spent my DAYS on the phone, calling, contacting, reporting “he said/she said” and keeping tablets full of notes re: conversations. Now it’s all here for us to reference and documentation is already there….don’t have to go back and “write it all down” somewhere because it already is and those who need to know can access it and there’s no confusion about what is “real” right now…..

Ya gotta love it!!!

Let me know if you can

:: Justin ::