This morning Michele and I “had” to attend the annual meeting of IPP’s Professional Parenting Program.  These are the folks that we foster Siraya through. Normally I dread this sort of thing, lots of sitting around listening to people tell each other how wonderful they are, long boring speeches, and bad food.

I was pretty much wrong on all three counts (or at least two of them!).  The food was good and the speeches were interesting and short.  While there were a number of people extolling the virtues of others, I think that in general it was justified and they were right.  The best was a video of a number of kids describing what being part of an IPP family was all about.

Probably most significant for me was the chance to catch up with people who are still involved with kids we have previously fostered and to hear how well they are doing.  It is amazing what a difference a family can make in the life of a kid.  Actually, maybe it isn’t that amazing, but the changes and the recovery that can take place when a kid finds themself in a loving, stable home.

I don’t think there were two families (the program supports more than 100 children) remotely the same in terms of age, ethnicity, or make up yet all of them had taken in kids that almost noone else would.

There are so many times when we watch the news and think “what is the world coming to?  Where did all the good people go?”.  Well, there were a bunch of them in Hamden, Connecticut this morning.  I’m also very luck to meet bunches of other great people as I do this job (in fact I’m on my way to do just that in West Virgina).

:: Justin ::