I received this today.  If you are going to be attending a webinar soon, be sure to leave time for the new download:

Dear Justin,

 In order to ensure that you receive the highest levels of service, your account will need to be updated to the latest version of GoToMeeting® in approximately three days. Please forward this communication to your users in case they have any questions about the upgrade

What to Expect on or after Jul 17, 2011

The next time your users log into GoToMeeting, they will automatically be prompted to download the newer version of the GoToMeeting software. Because the one-time download and upgrade process may take a while for some customers on slower connections, we recommend that your users and their attendees log in a few minutes early to their first meeting.

Network administrators also have the option to distribute the latest version of the GoToMeeting software across their network using the GoToMeeting MSI Installer. For more information, visit:https://www.gotomeeting.com/s/gotomeeting-msi-installer. It also allows IT administrators to quickly update GoToMeeting across their network even in a ‘locked-down’ environment. 

What You Should Know about the Upgraded Version

  • Mac users will now have dual monitor support.
  • GoToWebinar® users can now register and attend GoToWebinar sessions via the iPad.
  • Mac OS® X (Lion) 10.7 will now be supported.
  • If you are using our integrated audio service (phone or VoIP), the call will now end immediately when the organizer ends the meeting, webinar or training. Participants will be disconnected with a message that the organizer has ended the call. This will help those using Integrated Toll-Free audio to have better control over their audio costs.
  • The upgrade will not affect any of your scheduled online meetings, webinars or trainings. Your meeting IDs, access codes and URLs will remain the same.
  • Attendees on an iPad® will be required to download the GoToMeeting 4.8 App for iPad in the App Store to attend your meetings.

Questions? Feel free to visit our online Frequently Asked Questions. We hope you will enjoy using the latest version of GoToMeeting. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or issues.