MAR 11 by you.

We are happy to inform you that we will soon be releasing Version 8.1 of the Therap Applications. In this release, along with other modules, we have also updated the Medication Administration Record (MAR) module .

Please note that, to access MAR in 8.1, users will now require a new set of MAR specific roles instead of the Health Tracking (HT) roles (HT Submit, HT Update and HT View). Following are the new MAR Roles which will be introduced in 8.1:

1) MAR Configuration Approve – With this role, users will be able to Approve an MAR.

2) MAR Data Submit – This Role is for user who will be entering Data in MAR.

3) MAR Data Update – This role will allow users to update the previously submitted data.

4) MAR Data View – Users with this role will be able to view the approved MAR forms and generate MAR reports.

Once Therap 8.1 is released, please update the super roles of the users who are currently working with the MAR module, for them to be able to access MAR.

Please feel free to write to us with your questions and suggestions.

Thank you.

Sazzad Rafique
Senior Software Engineer
Therap Services, LLC