It’s been a while since we had a sporting recap, so here goes:

Soccer :: Heart of Midlothian

Screenshot of Scottish Premiere League Table

A look at the league table really tells you all that you need to know.  This has been a great season for Hearts.  The welcoming home to Tynecastle of Jim Jeffries as Manager along with cult hero Rudi Skacel and now prodigal son Andy Webster is making Hearts very comfortable in 3rd.  Add to that a big burly center forward in Kevin Kyle, a dynamic young winger in David Templeton, and a goalkeeper who has saved all three penalties he has faced this year adn it’s a good time to be a Jambo.  Check out where Hibs are and it makes it even better.


Baseball :: The NY Metropolitans

RA Dickey is back, that’s all that matters.  No players, broke owners, I have a feeling that this is the year.  With catchers and pitchers reporting, the world is becoming a better place


Cricket :: Bangladesh

2011 Cricket World Cup Logo.svg

I am sure that you are all aware of it, but for those of you who have been hiding under a rock, the Cricket World Cup is starting in Beautiful Bangladesh.

Watch, support Banladesh.  If not them, whoever is playing against England.

Swimming :: Crosby High School

Calum has been doing a lot of swimming as he gets ready for the High School State Competitions and YMCA New Englands.  Yesterday he ended up swimming 100 yard Butterfly, and 100 yard Backstroke and well as relays.  Made me tired just to watch!

FIRST Robotics :: Team MAX 1071

And finally the sport in which everyone can go pro (as they say)

Today was the trial run at the Suffield Shakedown, we have a very cool robot!

Video on FIRST Robotics :: Team MAX 1071

*There was originally a video link here which is unavailable.


Suffield Shakedown (54) Suffield Shakedown (47) Suffield Shakedown (36)

Who says February is devoid of good sports?

I haven’t even talked about the rugby either (if you’ve been watching BBC America on Saturday mornings, you’ll know why!)

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