I haven’t come across a good April Fools story in a long time. Probably the last decent one I remember was when The Scotsman suggested that they would be running a Grand Prix through the centre of Edinburgh.

However, yesterday there was a great story on NPR‘s All Things Considered about exploding Maple Trees in northern New England. This was particularly apt given that Jim has been making Maple Syrup this winter (he’s going to have to start his own blog to tell you about that, it’s way too involved!).

On reading John Jantsch’s blog this morning, I discovered that Sidd Finch was originally an April Fool. I read the book in the late 80’s after working on a summer camp in Southampton, Long Island, but did not know until now the full story – see what you can learn from a Duct Tape Blog!

Obviously none of the compare to the spaghetti trees, but that’s the BBC for you!

– Justin

PS Hearts beat Celtic 2-0 at Parkhead today!

PPS Looking over my shoulder, Calum tells me that Google had a funny one yesterday.