I left our Side by Side conference in St Louis at the end of the day yesterday to come up here to Fargo for the NDACF Conference.  Flying out of St Louis I was able to see quite how much damage was caused to the airport by the recent tornadoes – scary!

The conference here is actually in the same hotel in Fargo where we had our North Dakota Conference last year.  Don’t forget that this year we are in Biskmarck on June 21st and 22nd.  Sign up here! (schedule coming soon).  This is a very impressive conference with over 500 people here from all over North Dakota.  

This morning I joined Wendy and Val from the Phase II Steering Committe to talk to folks about what to expect in North Dakota over the coming months.  This afternoon I will be presenting on Therap 9.0 and CCHIT.

:: Justin ::