Iowa Cubs AAA Baseball, Des Moines, Iowa with the State Capitol in the background

I ended up my week in Iowa by going to see the Iowa Cubs play the Tacoma Rainiers in Des Moines. The I-Cubs play at a lovely, newly renovated stadium that included a manual scored board that kids could sign up to operate, an interesting field lay out, seats similar to the Green Monster seats in Boston, and for some reason, the home dugout on the 3rd base side of the field.

The Cubs lost rather badly (10-2), but it was a fun game to watch on a gorgeous evening.

My last couple of days have been spent with the fine folks at Progress Industries (name used with permission). Bryan, who not only organized my visit, but also became a grandfather for the 7th time during it did a great job of setting up a busy couple of days including presentations and hands on testing of the system for a bunch of staff. It’s always fun having folks use the system for the first time and seeing their reactions when the realize the power of Therap and the possibilities it offers.

I got a lot of positive feedback from the PI folks and hope I get the chance to come back and become even better acquainted. They seemed like a great bunch of people providing excellent services to their fellow Iowans.

Next stop Kansas City on the way to Kansas!

:: Justin ::