And what a year it has been!

For a start I now have a blog post filed for all 365 days of 2007.  OK, I did cheat once in a while, but I figure that I made up for it by posting more than once a day on a few others.

I always find it fun to look back and just remind myself just how far we have come, and how quickly we’ve done it.

A year ago we were running Therap 6.2 with such groovy new things as the time out warning, and a Reader’s List in SComm. It’s amazing to see how small a release 6.2 was compared with the massive 7.1 and even the soon-to-be-with-us 7.2

Kara and Maureen weren’t with us a year ago, and no-one had ever been to a Therap Conference (We’ve had four in the last year, with many more planned for next year).

We now have our own live help system, the Therap Knowledgebase, our portable classrooms, Walkabouts and all sorts of new ways to help, support and train you and your staff.

Just makes you wonder, what will we have by this time next year?

A very happy hogmanay and a peaceful New Year to you, your family, your friends, and those not lucky enough to have met you yet.

:: Justin ::