Update under the ‘Comments’ column on the Activity Tracking page

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Individual Data Form ID will now appear instead of Individual’s Name under the Comments column on the Activity Tracking page. This feature has been incorporated as a part of Therap’s move towards CCHIT certification. 

Screenshot of Activity Tracking page 

To identify an Individual from the IDF ID information, please copy the IDF ID from the Comments column on the Activity Trackingpage. 

Screenshot of Activity Tracking page highlighting Comments column 

Then paste the IDF ID on the Form ID field on the Individual Search page. Then click on ‘Search’. 

Emoticon of warning Users with the Individual Data View or Individual Data Edit or Individual Admit/Discharge Caseload based roles orIndividual Administrative role will be able to find the Individual Search option to locate the particular Individual.


Screenshot of Individual Search 

This will display the particular Individual of the Individual Data Form. You may click on the information to view the details of the particular Individual from the Individual Data form. 

Screenshot of Individual Search 

Screenshot of Individual Data