After packing up at the conference, I took in the Diamondbacks game last night at Bank One Ball Park. It’s a magnificent piece of engineering with a retractable roof (and a swimming pool!). However, watching baseball indoors just didn’t seem quite right. Thanks to Richard and his family for inviting me to join them at the game.

However things really became interesting when I tried to get home. On leaving the stadium to go to my car I was stopped by yet another freight train. This one was crossing the road I wanted to walk along. It seemed like the train was miles long and moving very, very slowly. I did manage to find an alternate route with an overpass.

Then… I tried to find the rental car return at Phoenix Airport (it’s well hidden and miles from the terminal). Finally found it and got to check-in with not too much time to spare.

Then… I had to juggle the contents of my bags to get them both under the 50lb weight limit (actually the check-in-chap was nice enough to let me away with each bag being 50.5lb).

Then… I follow the signs to my gate only to discover that security check-point was closed and I had to go half way around the airport to get to the gate though a different check-point.

Then… thankfully it was an uneventful flight back.

– Justin