When we introduced the MAR and First DataBank drug database, we changed the way that users accessed Medication History to be based around the individual rather than through the program and then the individual.  If you click on “New” under Medication History you will see how this works for Medication History.

In an upcoming release (scheduled for February 2nd) we will be applying this same mechanism to all of Health Tracking as you can see in the screenshots below: (Click on each one to see a bigger version)

Screenshot of Appointment with 'new' field highlighted to create a new form

On clicking “New” in any Health Tracking section you will be taken directly to the form where you can select the individual using auto-complete.

Screenshot of Appointment with done page

Similarly, from the “Done” page you will be able to go straight to your next form.

Screenshot of Appointment with 'report' field highlighted to create report

Finally, reports will now include all data about an individual, regardless of the program it was filed under.

This should make life a lot simpler for everyone and hopefully make your caseload management easier too.

:: Justin ::