After months of work, hundreds of thousands of lines of code, much testing, many arguments, and some great feedback and suggestions from our users, Therap 6.0 will be out tomorrow!

Remember, the system will be unavailable from about 10pm EST tonight until we get the upgrade and data conversion done some time early tomorrow morning.

It seems so long since we introduced FirstPage in Therap 5.0, but here we are making our next great leap forwards.

The system will work just fine for you without you doing anything, but there are a bunch of new roles for you to take a look at as well as a few new “Provider Preferences” just log on as a Data Administrator and you’ll see!

As you start to use 6.0 please remember to send us as much feedback as possible.  With such a big release, there are many areas that we would like to build on, so let us know what you want most!

We have also made customer support that much easier with live chat support available right from FirstPage (just click the link next to the User Guide).

I’m really excited about this, let us know what you think.

:: Justin