This is actually a feature that we released a few months ago (part of getting ready for the new GER) but I have spoken to a number of people that weren’t aware of it, so I thought that this would be a good opportunity for us to review.

If you have used GERs for any length of time you will have received a message letting you know that a given event type needs to have a certain notification level.  You may well have wondered “What are the rules for which event types?” or “Can I configure those rules to match my agency policies and state regulations?”.

[author’s note:  I really hope that you are the sort of person that asks these questions!]

Default - GER Event Rules

The GER Event Category Rules answers both of these questions very positively.  You can access the Rules engine from your Admin tab on your dashboard.

By default, the rules set there are the rules that we have always had.  Interestingly, on reviewing these, there are a few event types that have been added over the years that probably should have default rules associated, so we may be doing an update – I’ll let you know.  So, if you wonder which events require a medium or a high Notification level, just go in and take a look.

One slight difference from before is that we used to only trigger the rules for GERs which had a notification documented on them.  They are now triggered for all GERs.

If you are happy with the default set of rules, there is no more for you to do.

Add new rule - GER Event Rules

If however you would like your own set of rules, you will need to start from scratch, you can’t just add one or two to the default list.  Adding rules is really each.  Just pick the notification level that you want to be required along with the combination of values that you would like to trigger it.  Repeat this for as many rules as you would like to have.

If you change your mind and want to go back to the default rule set, just remove all the rules you added and the default list will show up again.

:: Justin ::