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Helping the mentors of mentally challenged

Ridwan A Kabir

As a milestone in the history of social welfare in the country, Therap (BD) Ltd, a subsidiary of the USA based Therap Services, LLC, has step forward in improving the quality of life for people mentally challenged and people with developmental disabilities (MC/DD). They intend to do this by providing cost-effective information, communications, and technology services tailored to the specific needs of service providers, service managers, health professionals, and regulators.

Therap Ltd is not only working within the national border, but also working globally to institute a web-based service solution which will predominantly provide the non-governmental organisations (NGO) through a positively driven contribution towards the MC/DD community by providing the ‘Therap Services Applicatiions’ (TSA) and endowing an adaptation of their web-based solution modules on such schemes.

“Our principal product is an integrated suite of web-based application modules, developed on the UNIX/Linux, Sun Microsystems environment with Java, and J2EE platforms,” Syeed Ul Huq Khandker, assistant director of marketing, Therap (BD) Ltd. “It extends from report processing, communication and notification services to activity tracking and health record keeping systems, including incident reports, witness reports, behaviour tracking, health tracking, medication error reports, individual and emergency data forms, etc,” he elaborated.

“Based on the authentication and access privileges, which can then be shared and reported on according to needs,” he said adding how the modules are utterly accessible through the net at their website,, which is developed, maintained, updated on their secured servers.

“Previously data on mentally challenged individuals had been paper documented within the local NGO officials, in contrast to the TSA, which is expected to be far more efficient and cost effective, while giving an edge to human resource,” Khandker continued.

Founded in 2004, Therap (BD) Ltd, in addition to development and maintenance of this application, also provides extensive support to customer agencies, mostly in the US through emails, user guides, animated tutorials and web conferencing. “We are proud to say all related training and marketing materials are designed and developed here in Bangladesh,” Khandker stated. “We currently have over 50 people working in our Dhaka office. The main areas of work include programming, testing, developing training material, graphic design and also marketing support for Therap Services, LLC,” he said.

“Many citizens do not know that with a view to protect the rights of people with challenges, and to promote the equal rights and opportunities for their participation in all spheres of life, the Ministry of Social Welfare, in association with the National Forum of Organisations Working for the Disabled (NFOWD), had initiated the development of a draft legislation on disability-concerned issues recently,” he said. Extending his full enthusiasm he added, their current involvement with the ministry and NFOWD along with the National Foundation for Development of the Disabled Persons (NFDDP), in conjunction with NGOs such as Society for the Welfare of the Intellectually Disabled, Bangladesh (SWID) are working towards attaining a nationwide connection with the existing NGOs working to build a better social infrastructure for the MC/DD community of the country.

“We are looking to introduce our application to the US based and the local DD community. Collaborating with various NGOs and related organisations, we hope to improve awareness and practices by offering our services,” the assistant director cited.

Therap is maintaining a full-fledged website for the members having valid login and password, and the price varies with the modules to be used and the constituting number of clients the particular agency comprises employing the services from Therap (BD) Ltd. A demo account is being offered on their web page without any associated charges.

Therap’s web based documentation system is designed to record day-to-day documentations in a secure and The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliant way. HIPAA requires physicians to ensure they are protecting the privacy and security of patients’ medical information and using a standard format when submitting electronic transactions. Therap application ensures no such disclosure of information regarding the DD individuals to unauthorised people which makes it a secure communication system. “Therap’s reliable and secure online reporting tools make it faster, easier, and more accurate to manage and follow-up individual and staff information. Essentially, it improves the care by facilitating communications among providers, programs, staff, regulators, state personnel, family members, and guardians,” Khandker stated.

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