Iona and I were able to escape Dhaka to spend the weekend in Sylhet in Northern Bangladesh.  It’s hard to describe how beautiful it was up there.

Here are just a few highlights:


We met some very cute lizards! Known as Tik-Tikki they are very quick and very noisy!

Sylhet highway

We got to experience highway driving which often means driving down a two lane road with two (or sometimes even three) vehicles coming straight towards you.

Iona and Justin in highway where Lona is sitting on a milestone

The milestones alternate between English and Bangla, so I am actually getting quite good with Bangla numbers.

Iona carrying  Justin by a rikshaw

Now I know why it is good to travel with your daughter!

Justin beside indian-bangladesh border.

We drove right up to the Indian border.

Iona took a ride on elephant

Amit spotted an elephant by the side of the road, and Iona took a ride (check that off the to-do list!)

beside indian border, Sylhet

We took a boat right up to the Indian border (those hills are in India). The scenery was absolutely stunning.

boats carrying sand

On the way we passed boats carrying sand. We had to slow down each time so our wake wouldn’t wash into them. I have never been in such a clean river. Not a hint of garbage anywhere.

Iona and justin in tea garden

We visited a Tea Garden, as idyllic and peaceful a place as you could ever want to be.

All in all a wonderul way to see a beautiful country, and even better to be able to do it with Iona.

The only downside was the drive back.  It was 250km.  It took four hours to cover the first 225km, then we hit Dhaka and it took 4 hours for the last 25!

:: Justin ::