Graphic showing Stingrays

As you may have noticed, what with Robotics, birthdays, confirmations and such, it’s been a lot about Iona recently (which is rather the way she like it!)

Well, this time, Calum finally got his turn with his end of season Swimming Banquet.

Added to the who shindig was Calum winning the most improved swimmer award, something he really deserved for all the work he’s put into practices and events over the last year.  The funny piece of it was, his coach starts the award by describing the swimmer without using a name.  She said that Calum showed his commitment by walking to swimming practice.  This is true, but he only walked on Sundays after church (about 10 minute’s walk), not from home (it’s a 20 minute drive!). We got some very strange looks from people!

Not only that, but I didn’t associate the walking with him and was thinking, “That’s cool, there are still a few people left in Connecticut who actually walk, I wonder who that is!”

All in all a very fine evening.

:: Justin ::