This really is shaping up to be rather an exciting summer in the Brockie subdivision of Therapville (or the Brockie galaxy of the Therapverse – it all depends on your viewpoint!)

Picture of Iona


Iona is already in Bangladesh, working at our office there (the photo above is her and Sazzad just before they left New York).  Hopefully you’ll see some photos and blog posts from her soom (once her body works out what time zone she is on).

I will be heading out to join Iona in a couple of weeks for some extreme brainstorming with a lot of focus on what we can do building on top of our new unified foundation.

Calum on the other hand is headed first to Edinburgh, Scotland to see my parents who will then put him on a plane to Amsterdam where he will meet up with a bunch of musicians from around Europe and jump on a train to Germany for the European Youth Music Week

Not to be out done, Michele will be heading off to Utah for a bunch of relaxation and hiking.

Siraya on the other hand will enjoy everyone being out of the house and has invited her favourite person in the world – her Auntie Nicole – to come and stay with her, so we are all bound to have a great time.

Amazingly, that’s not all!  We still have some college hunting trips with Calum and helping Iona move into a house full of dancing saxophones to get done before the summer is over.

Something tells me we’ll be ready for school to start again in the fall!

I’ll will, of course, still be in touch wherever I am so drop me an email at any time.

Watch for all the photos…

:: Justin ::