I spent this weekend in Boston with a group of kids (including Iona) from the Journey to Adulthood (J2A) group at church. There were 8 kids between the ages of 13 and 16 and you really couldn’t have asked for a better group to take. They were fun, engaging and very low maintenance.

As we were leaving Southington on Friday we heard from Nancy and Kathy who had left early to get dinner ready for the rest of us. A truck full of liquid gas had crashed on the Massachusetts Turnpike and it had been closed. It ended up taking them seven hours for a journey that should take not much more than 2. To get around it, we ended up going via Providence, Rhode Island which although much longer went really easily. We stayed in a house in the Episcopal Divinity School in Cambridge (not far from Harvard Square). It was all rather civilized!

On Saturday we took the T into town and went to the Old North Church (complete with stolen angels and Paul Revere stories). From there the kids split up and I was with the boys as they had to find a graveyard, the USS Constitution, and Paul Revere’s House with no assistance from us old folks. They did very well (apart from a few extra trips round blocks which could have been avoided if they had either paid a little more attention or asked someone for directions.

After going through the Holocaust Memorial and meeting up at Quincy Market we went to see a 3D movie at the Aquarium IMAX. The soothing music and bubling noises were too much and most of the adults nodded off! Then it was back to the house where the kids made us a very fine spaghetti dinner. As with all evenings on J2A trips we ended with a late, peacefull, candlelit service.
On Sunday we woke and made 250 sandwiches and bagged a ton of carrots, then it was back on the T and down to Boston Common for a services known as Common Cathedral and afterwards we handed out our food to the homeless folks who had joined us. Again the kids did a great job of mixing with a very interesting group of people.

Somehow the weather held out until we were on our way back. We drove their in the rain, drove back through the rain, but not a drop inbetween.

Altogether just a great weekend!

:: Justin ::

PS Iona has probably written a much more interesting version of events on her blog.

PPS At least if she ever gets around to posting it she will!