Today is turning out to be wonderfully busy, lots of people stopping by and learning more about the system or signing up for 5TEST accounts.

It’s nice having our mini training room here where we can present to a lot of people at once. It allows folks to watch and learn when there isn’t a spare Therap person around (it’s amazing how quickly we all get tied up talking with conference attendees). It’s been particularly nice when someone comes up who has seen the system before and is now able to see how it looks and works in 5.0. I always get a kick out of answering all the “Would I be able to…” questions by saying “sure” and then letting the system show them how.

Today I showed off the Massachusetts Incident Report form for the first time which was very well received. We are always interested in seeing report forms from different states, that way we can work out how our data fits into it and we can produce a PDF version of the state form with all the data from a Therap form typed onto it.

– Justin