When I left for Delaware on Tuesday night I had two children, by the time I came back on Friday there had been a 50% increase!

We have been therapeutic foster parents for children with disabilities for a number of years now, with two children spending time with us. The first, a five year old girl stayed with us for about 7 months, the second, a five year old boy stayed with us for more than two years and we still see a lot of him (I’m his educational guardian). It’s been a couple of years since he moved out (we’ve now got our house back in one piece!) and now we’re ready to start our next adventure.

This really is one of Michele’s dreams come true, fostering a newborn. Day one is always a bit crazy with a house full of people and lots of paperwork, but things have settled down and she’s sleeping peacefully (for now!). The next two weeks may be a little crazy while Michele works out her notice at school, so if you hear crying in the background while you’re on the phone with me, you’ll know I’m working from home that day!

:: Justin ::