A Buffalo crossing the road in Yellowstone National Park

We spent Saturday driving around Yellowstone National Park. It took about 11 hours to drive somewhere around 150 miles!

This place is just tremendous, I hope you will click on the photo above and go and look at all the photos we took.

The sights split roughly into three groups:

  1. Animals
  2. Scenery
  3. Thermal Features

The animals were amazing, all the more so because they were so obviously wild (despite the occasional tracking device). My favorites were the buffalo (or bison, I have to find out what the difference is). There were crossing the road on the way to crossing the river on the way to somewhere else.

We also saw lots of deer, a couple of bears, pelicans, elks, eagles, animals pretending to be prairie dogs, and assorted other beasts – but no moose!
Often going somewhere as well known as Yellowstone can be a disappointment (especially for someone as sceptical as me) but this was amazing, I can’t wait to go back and do more!

:: Justin ::