Oh! You are from “mainland” – that’s the reply I got when I mentioned that we are based in Waterbury, CT. Sheraton Waikiki was the venue for the conference which was just beside the gorgeous Waikiki beach. I got there on Friday Mar 9 after a 16 hour (approx.) flight which had the route starting from Bangladesh-Hong Kong-Taipei-Tokyo and then Honolulu! On the 11th, we had the pre conference session which had a welcome reception with 2-3 local groups performing Hawaiian songs and dances. It was nice, relax and festive in nature. The next day I was quite busy in terms of exhibiting. Also I had a session on Therap with around ten attendees. That was good! We had good number of people visiting our booth for the two-day conference taking videos, brochures. Therap’s unique web based system created a positive interest among those who stopped by in our booth. T -log, GER and Health Tracking were some of the interesting topics of the discussions with the visitors.

Hawaii is a piece of heaven on the face of earth and it’s a complete paradise with beautiful weather, sandy white beaches and clear water. I look forward to be here next year.