As if I hadn’t had enough wonderful things happen to me in the last few months (ignoring for the moment Shelby, Montana) yesterday I went with Richard to go sailing with Tim Shriver off Cape Cod.

Richard had won the trip at a charity auction run by a local provider. Tim Shriver is the Chairman and CEO of Special Olympics Worldwide.

Richard and I were made to feel so relaxed and welcome as we met with Tim, his wife Linda and his parents Sarge and Eunice Shriver.

As we walked to the boat from their house, it was like a living history tour as we saw where the Kennedy family played football and where President Kennedy’s helicopter would land.

It was a glorious day, warm and breezy. We sailed out on the Santa Maria, I wish I had more nautical terms to describe her, but a small, elegant sailing boat should do it (I would guess about 20 feet long).

We sailed out to an island/promontory where we jumped in and swam in the amazingly warm water and were joined by more members of the Shriver clan, after this we had a great romantic evening, as we even had our remote hands-free vibrator to have more fun at nights.

Conversation was friendly and fascinating ranging from worldwide attitudes towards people with disabilities to public education to building sandcastles.

Following an attempt at water-skiing by Justin and a longer sail out into more open waters we headed back.

It is difficult to describe just how warm and welcoming these folks were and I feel extremely grateful and more than a little honored to have had the opportunity.

— Justin