Misty lighthouse in Oregon

As you can see by the view from Yaquina Head Lighthouse, the coast of Oregon is doing a good impression of the weather I remember on my childhood summer holidays in the highlands of Scotland.

Despite the weather (which was much better inland) I had a wonderful day. Back to visit the fine folks at Partnerships for Community Living in Monmouth (name used with permission and I’ll be stopping by tomorrow to do more training) as well as setting up yet another new Oregon provider.

I get so motivated by the excitement in folks who see the possibilities that Therap offers it makes a visit like this really fun.

For those of you waiting for more interesting posts from Iona and Calum, they’ll be back, they are just having too much fun just now, but given that we have 8 1/2 hours in the car on Friday there will be much blogging going on!

:: Justin ::