Today we split up and Shawon and Priyanka went back to work some more with NFD on setting up their account and starting to use Therap while Richard and I went off to meet some other people.

We started by meeting with the Nepal Association for the Blind who do a wide range of advocacy and skills teaching and even have their own computer lab.

We then met the association for people with intellectual disabilities at one of their schools. What was particularly impressive here was that they instantly saw the benefits of using Therap to help them keep track of the people that they support from early childhood through to their adult life. It is hard to explain how exciting it is to see the possibilities for Therap helping people make others lives better in a environment like this.

I also learned a couple of things. Nepal has a timezone that is 15 minutes behind Bangladesh (I just thought the clocks were slow). In the Nepali calendar it is 2063 (no wonder I feel old!).

After a day’s running around and meeting people, we then headed back to Dhaka with more fine views of the Himalayas on the way. I am already looking forward to going back to Nepal!

Enjoy the pictures, click on them to see more.

:: Justin ::