This morning I had the pleasure of being walked through a few of the features that you can expect to see in Therap 9.0

Currently we are targeting April 10th as a release date (as you know, this may well change)

Here’s a quick glimpse

Time Tracking is looking really good.  I am particularly excited abotu the reporting screen: (you can click on the picture to see a full size version)

Screenshot of Time Tracking

If you weren’t at Fishkill and didn’t get a chance to play with this, it’s a generic, timebased data tracker for things like sleep or mood or positioning.

Next up is vital signs.  As part of our move towards CCHIT compliance, we are providing notifications if vital signs are our of range (according to CCHIT standards, these ranges will be based on age and gender).  Staff will get a warning as they enter the data and the form itself will be made high notification level (so off-site staff can be notified)

Screenshot of Vital Signs


Also on the CCHIT we are adding the ability to record Advance Directives:

Screenshot of Advance Directive

These will display in the IDF and Medical Information areas.

These are a couple of examples of benefits that all existing Therap users will get as we transition to CCHIT Compliance.  The fully compliant version of Therap will include additional functionality and certification as an “Approved Electronic Health Record”.  We will be announcing pricing for the CCHIT version of Therap in the future.

Much more to come…

:: Justin ::