Look up at the top of the page! Now you are stuck looking at me every time you visit. All the more reason to use RSS or one of the other news aggregators.

I don’t pretend to completely understand how the whole feed thing works, but I have started using a website call Bloglines to gather the information from all the blogs that I read. What this means is that I have one website that I go to which lists all the new posts to blogs I am interested in and I can read them or easily like to the actual page rather than jumping around all the different sites via bookmarks.

As well as subscribing to blogs, this is a great way to build your own newspaper by subscribing to pages from your favorite periodicals. I have links from the Guardian and Scotsman to keep me up with news from the UK. If you have any favorite blogs or feeds, especially ones pertinent to the disabilities feed, I’d love to know.

– Justin