Firstly, if you haven’t had an email or phone call returned by me in the last few days, please accept my apologies, it’s been rather nuts around here.  Remember, any time you need help, you can can the office or check out Live Help.

It’s been an interesting week in the Brockie household, most of it based around Siraya (though Michele has been doing here best to add to the fun).  We’ve spent most of our time since Thursday in doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, and for the last two days, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.  We have dealt with a whole bunch of truly wonderful people including our pediatrician, hospital staff, the mobile crisis team,  folks from DCF, and our support staff from IPP (Siraya has a whole lot of people looking out for her!).

There have though been some technical problems.  Firstly, because Siraya is a foster-kid, a lot of what she gets done for her has to be approved by DCF (makes sense).  Also, she’s a kid with a whole lot of very complicated stuff going on.  This makes it really hard for someone who doesn’t know her to be able to review a plan and determine whether or not it is the right one.  It also means the Michele and I have recounted Siraya’s history more times that we care to remember.

Wouldn’t it all make much more sense if folks could log in and know the right, current information and well as all the history they need.

Within each of the agencies we have dealt with this week (at least 6) they have their own systems, but none of them seem to talk to each other.

Hopefully in the not too distant future this is going to change, and hopefully we here at Therap will be leading the way.

In the meantime, I am just grateful that there are so many tremendous people out there supporting my family.

:: Justin ::