On a day when an even bigger and better Android phone than mine came out I was reminded again why I like this operating system so much.

Tools for developers

Just about everything in Android is configurable and can be swapped with another version made by someone else.

Currently I am on my fourth keyboard and might even like this one (Swiftkey) more than Swype

SwiftKey keyboard - word prediction

Where many keyboards try and guess what word you are typing, and this one also tries to guess what word you will type next.  It’s really cool and allows you to type whole sentences with remarkably few taps (though sometimes it does seem to be guiding the conversation).  

Tracing a path of Android keyboard

What’s funnier is that I was previously convinced that I had found the perfect keyboard in Swype.  If you haven’t tried swyping, you should, it is very very cool and remarkably intuitive.

There was also a multi-touch keyboard but I didn’t really get that.

Here’s a nice round up of Android Keyboards on Android Central

Anyone got a Droid-X that I can play with?

:: Justin ::