WOW, what a busy weekend!

On Saturday, Iona and Calum were both swimming for the Southington Stingrays.  It was a really fun meet (and a remarkably quick one too).  I was actually quite impressed with myself (it’s always more about me than the kids!).  I was running the computer which takes in the times from the scoring machine and keeps track of all the swimmers.  This was the first time I had to do it completely by myself and the first time I had done it since the spring so I was very pleased when it all went well.

There were a couple of events of note, both relays.  In the medley relay, Iona and Calum were up against each other swimming the backstroke leg.  Iona was the quicker of the two, but Calum’s team won.  A nice balance!

Then in the final of the day it was Girls v Boys in the over 13 freestyle relay.  Iona swam the second leg for the girls and they ended up beating the boys by an exciting 1/2 second!

The pantomime that is Heart of Midlothian Football Club is swiftly turning into a tragedy of Shakespearian proportions.  The off the field goings on are too numerous and too bizare to go into in detail, but they seem to be having an awful effect on the team who lost again today (to Glasgow Rangers) and have now slipped to 5th.  What makes it hurt even more is that Hibs (Hibernian FC, the other Edinburgh team) are playing well and now above Hearts.

If only they could play as well as the Wolcott Warriors U-12 team!  We had our end of season banquet today where we got to celebrate our 2nd place.  What made me happiest was the way the boys all left their parents and sat at the one table all together.  It’s that kind of teamwork and team spirit that we could do with at Tynecastle.  I really am lucky to be able to coach a group of such fine young men.

:: Justin ::