081024 Wolcott v Corsby (7) by you.

Friday night was high school football night.  Actually it was rather an exciting game (though we of course went to see the band)

Horribly early on Saturday, Iona left with the same
band to head up to the UMass Band Day which by all accounts was
absolutely tremendous with a gazzilion students all playing in the same

081025 WHS JV v Ansonia (51) by you.

Not quite so horribly early it was off down to Ansonia to watch Calum in his final game of the season for the Wolcott High JV team.  They lost (again) but this was probably the best game they had played all year so not a bad way to cap things off.

random 041 by you.

The it was off to my U-11 team where we played in the pouring rain, which was great (apart from the fact that we lost too, but that was soon forgotten).

081025 Bill Bragg (12) by you.

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After drying off, Calum and I headed down to New York to take in a Billy Bragg concert.  At the last concert we went to (Rancid) I was pretty close to being the oldest person there.  This time Calum was the youngest.  Billy was playing solo and put on a great show (including a song that Rancid play too funnily enough).  Many highlights, but just about the fuinniest were the cups of tea he was brought by his roadie.

We got home about 2:30am only to be up for 8am church today followed by swim practice and a trip to Rogers Orchard.

Other than that, not much doing!

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