As you may have noticed, we published an update to the system this weekend.

The update focused primarily on GERs (though there are a couple of updates in ISP Plans) and makes them so that multiple people can work on the same incident report at the same time. This should mean the end of the “Sorry someone already updated this GER” error.

The end result of this is as follows:

When you go to look at a GER, you will be able to add Notification Information (this is new and cool) and review comments (assuming you have the GER Review or Approve) roles.

Screenshot of Temporary PDFs

If however you want to do more work on the GER (either to edit, Approve, or Return) then you will need to click the Edit this GER button.

Screenshot of Temporary PDFs with Approve, Return to Submitter and Delete Button

We appreciate that as far as Approving or Returning the GER this is a little confusing and we’re working on that as we speak.

As always, all comments and suggestions are always wanted.

:: Justin ::