Graphic of Therap version 8.1 Release Notes
Tonight’s the night!

If you haven’t already, read the Release Notes.

As if that was not enough, we actually have more stuff that didn’t quite make it into 8.1 that you will be seeing over the coming weeks.  One of the biggest of those is a make-over for SComm.  Check this out, Shawon and his team have done some incredible work:

Long Messages

Will now scroll inside your page so the “Mark As Read” buttons are much easier to find

Screenshot of SComm message

Advanced Search

Find any SComm using any part of the message.

Screenshot showing Advanced Search for messages on SComm page.

Easily Add Your Recipients

Type a few letter of their name or check the box.  We’ve also streamlined the number of fields you have to complete:

Screenshot showing how easily you can add your recipients on SComm.

New, Clean, Easy Interface

Easy to learn and easy to use, that’s our goal:

Screenshot of SComm interface with all type of message to choose.

More information at your fingertips:

Easy filters and new icons will make working with your messages quicker and easier.

Screenshot of SComm inbox with messages.

So there is something to look forward to!  Remember we want you to really kick the tires of 8.1 and let us know what you think.

:: Justin ::