Graphic showing Therap Modules

There are a bunch of really cool things in 2012.0, in fact because the release went so smoothly (thanks to an enormous amount of work and planning over the preceeding months) you’d be forgiven for thinking that it wasn’t that significant.

There were actually a lot of things that went on under the hood to help performance which you can’t see directly, but here’s what you should make sure that you have taken a look at:

Below is a list of guides that have been updated to incorporate the changes made in the 2012.0 release.

Emoticon of Check On the User Guides, new features added to existing modules are highlighted in green color.

Medication Reconciliation
Medication Profile
Care Plan
Physician Information
Individual History
Live Help
Billing Summary Report
ISP Billing in Institutional Claim
Overall Service Plan (OSP)
Slot Management
Updating Approved IPOPs
Updating Approved ISP Programs
Updating Approved ISP Plans
Updating Approved Hab Plans
Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool (eCHAT) – 2012.0