Jackie & I

The ORA conference was a lively affair. I have a new best friend, Jeff, who helped me set up the Therap display (Jeff has replaced Lloyd!) along with Kay from ORA who was also extremely helpful throughout both days of the conference. Many nice people from agencies in Oregon and Washington stopped by to inquire and say hello. The live walkthrough was well-attended and I believe, well received, by the people who were there; members of Partnerships in Community Living offered some encouraging remarks about their success with the system thus far, as well as the headway they have made in working with their state and county monitors in regards to its reporting features. Thanks to Sarah for also helping me breakdown after a fun and eventful couple of days.

On Friday morning, I met with Oregon Supported Living Program in Eugene. Don and his managers, Lori, Theresa, and Shyra, were very enthusiastic and offered many questions and suggestions as they continue to set up their various programs and sites. They seem like a great organization and I look forward to assisting them however needed with their training and support needs. On Friday afternoon, I met up with Sarah to train two case managers on accessing the system to review the information they require with their given clientele throughout PCL. Both were extremely enthusiastic, taking my cards and planning on discussing it with their colleagues who work with other agencies that are also presently using the system. It was very exciting to see their enthusiasm over the possibility of increased and easier communication, as well as the immediate access to information that the system offers.

I went on my tour of the coast and enjoyed dinner at Mo’s in Lincoln City, walked by the ocean, and had a very nice evening surrounded by some breathtaking scenery. We drove by an internet café and toyed with the notion of heading in to compose some Tlogs but decided it was a little late for us as we were all pretty tired. Thanks to all of you who made me feel so welcome in Oregon. I look forward to returning and continuing to assist you throughout your use of TherapServices.

Please click on the following link to view a few photos of my newfound friends and colleagues in Oregon (http://www.flickr.com/photos/allisontherap). Thanks again. (Upon arriving at Portland International Airport this morning, I found the terror alert still at orange…hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!) >>Allison