I am always excited when I learn a new trick. There’s not much better than a new Therap/Android one, so here goes:

Did you know that you can upload photos directly to Therap from your phone without having them stored there?

Neither did I until I was hanging out with Nathan (Primecare’s Director of Nursing in Connecticut).

Here’s what you do (at least on my Verizon Galaxy Nexus)

  1. Turn on your phone!

Screen showing android phone's dashboard.

  1. Log into Therap

Screenshot of Therap login page on an android phone.

  1. Go to New T-Log (or other place you can attach)

Screenshot of Therap dashboard on an android phone.


  1. Click on “Choose a Flie”


  1. Choose Camera (it would work with Sound Recorder too!)


  1. Take a photo and you are all done!


How cool is that?

Any tips you’d like to share?

:: Justin ::