Screenshot of Attendance data.

In Therap 8.2, Attendance grows up!

Asif and his team have added some amazing functionality (while in many ways making it simpler).  Basically everything now happens on the one screen you see above.

New features include:

  • Scrolling within the page so you can always see what is going on.
  • Multiple in and out in a single day
  • Sign people in at the start of the day and out at the end (create incomplete entries and complete them later)
  • More text allowed
  • Change services from the data entry screen
  • Calculate full and half days for New York Day Habilitation providers
  • Calculate full and half months for New York Residential Habilitation providers

Great stuff!  And… if you have access to the 8.2 beta you can play with it – remember to ask if you would like access.

:: Justin ::