Michele was away on a vestry retreat this weekend so it was up to me, Iona, and Calum to do the whole baby thing (actually it involves half the world, at swimming practice the coaches take her most of the time and then at Calum’s soccer game she hangs out with a bunch of the moms). All in all I think we did a pretty good job!

Calum’s team did a great job too, playing a really good game in a 9-5 win over Terryville. I didn’t keep track of the number of shots we took, but it seemed like we were always hitting the post, hitting the bar, or shooting right at their goalkeeper (who had a great game).  Rich and I changed the team tactics a little (stealing some ideas from Leszek Wrona himself) and it seemed to work with some great passing and team goals.

Iona meantime was scrimmaging with her robot.  This seems to have been a great success (notably beating Southington – which we will be able to brag about at church tomorrow!).  I am sure that there will be much more about it on her blog.

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