Tuesday it was raining as it is supposed to do in the Pacific Northwest. Another foggy drive this morning to Salem along I-5. I went to visit the fine folks at Sunny Oaks, Therap’s VERY FIRST Oregon user. They have a lovely little office and I was greeted by Karen who immediately was ready with a bunch of great questions about Provider Administration things. Char and Sandy joined us and we went through all types of things including an abbreviated look at Health Tracking, TMS, and ISPs. Our brief meeting turned into a couple of hours and I had great fun with them! Char was very excited about all the system could do and I pointed out that I’d be happy to do some web conferences to help Sunny Oaks use even more of it. They’ll become more friends to add to my list of long distant buds in Oregon…I think I may have to claim Oregon as my own although it is quite a commute! Also, Sarah from PCL offered Sunny Oaks her assistance whenever they have questions as well!! I love this community thing that’s going on around here…Once Karen has rested from her busy morning on the computer, I’m sure she’ll figure out some dates for all of us to get together; I’ll be waiting! By the way, Sandy said she LOVES THERAP!

More pictures tomorrow and I’m sure there will be plenty going on at the NW ORA Conference…See you soon! >>Allison