On July 1st we will be implement our incredibly cool Integrated Billing in Nebraska.  We have been all over the state in recent weeks getting folks trained.  The difficulty was letting people have a place where they could easily practice.

We now have that set up.  you just need to go to: https://ibbilling-test.therapservices.net

This works just like our Beta Context in that it is a copy of our database that is running the new software that will be released next weekend and has all the new integrated service authorizations that start on 7/1.

The difference is that we have set the system clock on this context forward so that it thinks it is already the middle of July so you can start actually collecting attendance data and submitting claims (these are all in a test environment, so you won’t actually get paid!).

In order to try it out, this is all you need to do:

  1. Go to https://ibbilling-test.therapservices.net
  2. Login with you usual credentials
  3. Add to your Super Role and Profile the Billing and IB roles
  4. Log out then log in again to refresh your permissions
  5. Go to your ToDo list
  6. You will now see a list of Authroizations, go in and acknowledge a bunch (you will need to assign them to the correct program)
  7. Go to the Billing Tab
  8. Click “New” Attendance
  9. Choose an option in each box
  10. You can now enter attendance data
  11. Once submitted you can click the Approve tab at the top and approve it too (This would obviously be done by a difference user in the real world)
  12. Finally, click the “Generate Billing Data” tab at the top and approve the data you approved (this would be done at the end of the month when you are ready to submit claims)
  13. That’s it!
  14. In about 5 minutes, the system will generate claims and send them over to your Service Coordinator for approval (you could even ask them to log in and practice approving or rejecting them)
  15. If you click on Search next to Professional Claims, you will be able to see your claim status.

Let us know if you have any questions.

:: Justin ::