Picture of Barak Obama in Hartford

Calum announced over the weekend that Obama was coming to Hartford and he wanted to go and see him. So, this afternoon we headed out to the XL Center (that would be The Hartford Civic Center to those of us who still consider the Hartford Whalers to be America’s Team!).

We had to queue for the best part of a couple of hours to get in, literally all the way around the block.

I thought it was quite funny that they were putting on a show for us, one alien and one kid – neither able to vote! However, I was delighted to have Calum interested in the electoral process (Actually Iona was too, but there was some crucial robot building going on tonight).

The show itself was very interesting. A bunch of local politicians followed by Carolyn and Ted Kennedy and then the man himself. I’ll not get into my thoughts on the politics one way or the other, but he is a tremendous speaker if you ever get the chance to go and listen.

:: Justin ::