Richard and I paid a flying visit to Oregon, stopping in at the ORA Quarterly Meeting in Portland.  We have a whole bunch of customers in Oregon so it was nice to talk to them and to present to some other interested agencies.  Tim Krall and ORA have been great at finding places for us to talk to their members and now, using Therap in Oregon has become and easier and easier decision for people to make.

We then joined them for a murder mystery dinner which was hilarious. I was the owner of a resort on the Great Barrier Reef which had been wiped out by a cyclone (I was also a suspect).  Richard (who came to dinner carrying a rake) was the gardener who had worked for years to raise all the palm trees which had just been wiped out.

We all had a great time, even though only one person guessed the villian.

Now it’s off to California

:: Justin ::