There is nothing more annoying that doing a lot of work on a computer when something happens and you lose it all.

In a program such as Microsoft Word or Excel the best way to avoid this is to save often.

It’s very similar in Therap.  When you are working on a form, everything that you do is only on your computer until you click a “Save”, “Submit” or similar button and see that little green “i”.

There is another thing that you have to be careful with in Therap, and that is being timed out.  When the system thinks that you haven’t done anything for about 30 minutes.  Orginally this meant you had to click a “Save” type button, but with more and more parts of the system allowing for long text descriptions (as requested by our users) there are now times when you can be typing for that long.  To avoid you losing all that typing, we are now moving to restarting the 30 minute countdown to automatic logout based on key strokes.

We don’t yet have this everywhere so there are a places where you stll need to be careful.  One of these is when you are creating a new Behavior Plan, so please take note of the following advice:

The ‘Behavior and Intervention Details’ page does not have a ‘Save’ button at the bottom.  However, it is possible to save an incomplete Behavior Plan and we suggest that you try the following steps:

1.  Once you have selected the behaviors and interventions necessary on a new Behavior Plan, you will be directed to the ‘Behavior and Intervention Details’ page.  Instead of entering the behavior/intervention details, please click on ‘Next’.

2.  You will then be directed to the new Behavior Plan that you have created. This page has the ‘Save’ button in addition to the ‘Submit’ and ‘Approve’ buttons at the bottom.

3.  Click on the behavior or intervention and a pop-up screen will appear where you can now enter the details (as in the  ‘Behavior and Intervention Details’ page). After each addition, press the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the pop-up screen to return to the main plan. After every few such additions,  click the ‘Save’ button on the behavior plan to update it.

4.  These behavior plans are then saved to your worklist. You may access these plans by going to the FirstPage and selecting ‘Worklist’ from the Behavior Plan menu.

We have a fix for this that will be in our 6.1 Release (more about that soon), but until then, be careful out there.
As usual, if you have any questions, click on Live Help or < > and let us know what we can do to help.

:: Justin ::