Mom woke me up this morning by turning on the TV at about ten, noon home time. It was fun taking a while to get up, reading Meg Cabot’s Safe House and being lazy. We headed down the elevator (we’re on the seventh floor), and through the casino to get a bite to eat…a very expensive bite. They don’t seem to do cheap in Las Vegas. So, after a cinnamon bun and some orange juice, we headed out to explore.

Using various modes of transportation – including flat and very long sorts of escalators, a monorail, bridges, elevators, and our feet – we traveled through the nearby hotels and attractions. We went inside the Egyptian one, with hieroglyphics on the walls and sphinxes everywhere, and took a short walk around to laugh at the rather insane quality it possessed.

After that, we headed over to New York, New York. It has a Statue of Liberty and everything, but the most interesting part of it is a huge red rollercoaster that winds in and out of the hotel, with loops and twists and it looked terrifying.

If the outside of New York, New York is impressive, it’s nothing compared to the inside. It’s set up to look like a busy New York street, with manholes leaking steam, cozy pizza restaurants, and – of course – shops.

One shop we stopped at was a magic shop. It’s always fun to look at the chattering teeth, fake flies in ice cubes, and lipsticks that change color according to your mood. A man was standing near the front of the shop, disappearing and reappearing tiny light, making red balls pop out everywhere, and turning playing cards blank. The trick he did that really caught my eye, though, was levitate a playing card, and then a man’s credit card, in midair. He flew it around his neck, flipped it from hand to hand, and hovered it between his fingers.

So I bought it. What can I say? I’m pathetic at resisting advertising. I won’t tell you how it works, because I’ll probably show it to you and one point or another, but I’m practicing in the bathroom of our hotel and won’t do it in public until I’m at least half way decent with it.

We also went into MGM, a big shiny blue hotel whose emblem is a lion. That is easily explained when you walk inside; two huge baby lions are playing with their trainers in the center of the lobby.

An interesting this about Las Vegas is that it’s hot, incredibly hot, but that’s okay. You don’t sweat, because it’s not humid, and since you’re not sweaty, the bugs aren’t attracted to you. It’s actually a lot more pleasant to go outside and walk around than it is in Connecticut.

After our exploration of the surrounding hotels, we went into M&M world. That was fun. Colorful M&M characters stand at every corner and, since the M&M company is currently sponsoring PoTC2, Dead Man’s Chest, Pirate things were everywhere.

The building had several stories, and was basically a giant gift shop. There were M&M slot machines, socks, figurines, and flip flops that printed ‘I (heart) M&M’s’ whenever you walked over dirt.

We waited in line for an amusing 3D film called, “I Lost My M in Vegas,” starring red and yellow. When red bets and loses his M in a game of roulette, they go on a quest to get it back. The highlights of the film? When a giant vacuum is sucking everything into a tube, a fierce wind blows around the auditorium, and when the chocolates walk into a dance club for lost socks, a disco ball descends from the ceiling and throws light around the amused viewers.

One part of the shops had giant tubes of M&Ms in every color imaginable. Christa says only eat the blue ones, but which blue? Aqua? Navy? Plain old blue? I got every odd color there was, including cream, grey, maroon, dark pink, giant M&Ms, and almond M&Ms. The almond ones especially were delicious. Calum, being rather odd, got a very large bag of maroon, gold, and silver M&Ms. His reasoning? “It’s gold and silver like gold and silver, and, like, maroon like Hearts.” Exact quote.

I left with a pair of red M&M earrings, feeling rather pleased.

We came back up to the hotel room. Everyone’s out swimming except me because, as you know, I’ve got a tremendous amount of blogging to do…