Any time you run a report, it is always worth knowing exactly what data you are running your report on.

In most places in Therap, when you run a report it is limited to data that is within your caseload.  In these days of Individual Based Caseloads, it is important to remember the basic fact about Therap access, namely “If an individual is on your caseload then you will see their data.”  This really is the case for all caseload based access.

Remember especially that Auto Program Caseloads (the ::APC:: ones) are still individual based, they are just a list of the individuals currently enrolled in that program.  This means that is you want to give yourself access to data about people who have been discharged from a program, you may need to add them specifically to your caseload.  Much more about this in a future post…

One way to ensure that you look at everyone in an agency is to run an agency wide report.  These are not filtered by caseload.  As such, the access to the is usually given at the bottom of the Assign user privilege screen rather than via a Super Role.  A few examples of this would be: reports in the Report Library, Agency Wide Management Summaries, and Billing Reports.

Billing Dashboard

If you look at the screenshot above, reports list in the Report section under Professional Claim (and under Institutional Claims is you use them) are all agency wide and will capture all billing data during the time span based on the search criteria, regardless of admission status.

Reports elsewhere, such as within the Billing Data section are caseload based and so will only show data about individuals who are explicitly on your caseload, again regardless of admission status and filtered by the report criteria.

As always, if you have any questions about any of this, reach out to our awesome Billing Support Team.

:: Justin ::