The funny thing about baseball is how well it fits with information technology and how little it has been spoiled by it and in fact, IMHO, baseball is improved by it.

For example, fantasy baseball is the perfect web application. All those statistics, the ability to play against people from all over, and instant updates.

Blogging works well too. For a start, please love to talk about baseball and blogs are greats places for people with opinions.

Then, a baseball season is an evolution as 162 games unfold so there is room for countless posts and talking points, much more so than a sport that builds up to one weekly event.

Even off season, I think they are going to have to rename “hot stove baseball” to “centrally heated blogging”.

Being a Mets fan (for my sins) my favorite baseball blogs are Mets ones like Faith and Fear in Flushing, Mets Geek, and, but I am sure there are many great ones, particularly associated with those long cursed teams like the Red Sox and the Cubs.

Enjoy them, and if you find a good one, let me know.

– Justin