So, today was the first day where we actually saw a bit of sunny, blue sky in Oregon. It would figure that the sun comes out and it stops raining for a few moments, on our last day here. Oh well, I still was much happier in this 40 degree weather than the 20 degree weather we left in CT.
We started our day with a stop at a nearby 50’s diner for some good, yet lumpy milkshakes. We then headed, by car, about 3 feet down to Sunny Oaks. I even entered the address into the GPS, not realizing that I could have walked there faster than it took to get my map uploaded. C’est la vie! While there, we got a lot of insight and feedback from Char and Brian re: GER’s and BER’s. We also got to share some of the sweet new 7.0 features such as the ISP template, and my personal favorite, T-notes.

In the evening we drove to our hotel in Portland in preparation for our 4:30a wake-up call tomorrow. Thanks to Sazzad’s research, we didn’t turn in before making a stop at Oregon’s largest mall for some window shopping and food. It was pretty cool because there was an ice-skating rink right in the middle of it. I told Sazzad we definitely have to attempt ice-skating next time–maybe when there aren’t so many young kids that are better than us :)
Off to South Dakota,

:) Kara