touch a truck 013 by you.

Not only did we get 8.0 out this weekend, but it seemed like things just didn’t stop in here in the Brockie household.

On Saturday Calum had a soccer game (lost 3-0 but played really well against Sacred Heart High School) very strange to be rooting against the team playing in maroon with Hearts on their chests!

Then My U-11 Boys had a game in Thomaston – we won handily 5-1.

During all this, Iona was taking part in the Physics Olympics down at Yale with a group from her AP Physics class and then went off to Southington High School to watch “Music of the Night” a big marching band concert and competition also featuring the UConn Band (which is huge and features a number of Wolcott High Alumni).

Sunday saw the Wolcott Band playing at a town Touch a Truck fair (exciting stuff for little boys of all ages).

Then… Calum had to get a project done which involved him recording a song and making a video out of it, unfortunately this coincided with every Brockie computer deciding to either not work or not talk to his recording software.  After much gnashing of teeth I think we got it working, and he may even be done soon.

Ah well, at least it’s Monday tomorrow!

:: Justin ::