The motel we stayed at was nice and simple. When we were checking out, the owner said we had to go to Burney Falls or we would waste our entire trip. So off we went up 89 to our destination. The motel owner had been correct. The falls were spectacular. When you went down the trail the temperature dropped almost 20 degrees. The mist coming off made a moving rainbow along the water’s edge. After a long and pleasant drive to Lincoln City, we found our cozy house. It was right on the water’s edge and we could finally eat in. We spent the morning at the beach, and the afternoon inside. We went to the Lincoln City Cinemas to see Pirates of the Caribbean 2 which Iona got very hyper over. Very Very Hyper. That night we saw David Wright come in second behind another Philly. With a combined age of 49 they finished ahead of Dye, Ortiz, Berkman, and others.


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